Canadians traveling to Women’s March denied US entry after sharing their plans

After telling border agents their plans to march, groups cars were searched and phones examined, and each person was fingerprinted and had their photo taken

Would-be protesters heading to the Womens March on Washington have said they were denied entry to the United States after telling border agents at a land crossing in Quebec their plans to attend the march.

Montrealer Sasha Dyck was part of a group of eight who had arranged online to travel together to Washington. Divided into two cars, the group six Canadians and two French nationals arrived at the border crossing that connects St Bernard de Lacolle in Quebec with Champlain, New York, on Thursday.

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January 21, 2017

Bush library releases presidential notes of encouragement

Washington (CNN)On the eve of President Barack Obama handing off the reins of power to his successor, Donald Trump, the George W. Bush Presidential Library has released the letters that former President Bill Clinton and Bush penned to their successors.

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January 20, 2017

Teen prosecuted as adult for having naked images of himself on phone

North Carolina high schooler and his girlfriend face legal proceedings over selfies as both the adult perpetrators and minor victims

A teenage boy in North Carolina has been prosecuted for having nude pictures of himself on his own mobile phone. The young man, who is now 17 but was 16 at the time the photos were discovered, had to strike a plea deal to avoid potentially going to jail and being registered as a sex offender.

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January 19, 2017

Trump nominees say climate change is no hoax, but still invite skepticism

Washington (CNN)President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Interior Department Tuesday was pressed to answer whether he agreed with Trump’s past statements that climate change is a “hoax.”

And in what appeared to be a break with the President-elect, Rep. Ryan Zinke said clearly: “I don’t believe it’s a hoax.” Last week, Trump’s choice for secretary of state Rex Tillerson offered a similar view.
    But neither break was as clear-cut as it might have appeared, despite both Zinke and the former ExxonMobil CEO’s attempts to use more palatable language in expressing their views on climate change.
    Yes, Trump once called climate change a “hoax” invented by the Chinese, and during his campaign for president, he repeatedly called into question the scientific community’s overwhelming conclusions that human activity has caused global warming.
    But Trump, too, has also more recently acknowledged “some connectivity” between human activity and climate change.
    And just like his Cabinet picks, Trump has argued that there is an ongoing debate about “how much” man-made emission of greenhouse gases have contributed to the changing climate. And he has made clear that he is more concerned about the economic effects of restricting the fossil fuel industry than the environmental and human cost of climate change and its effects.
    “It also depends on how much it’s going to cost companies,” Trump said during a November meeting with New York Times reporters and editors after his election.
    In the rest of his exchange with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during his hearing, Zinke acknowledged that the “climate is changing” and that “man has had an influence.” But his climate skepticism didn’t vanish altogether.
    “I think where there’s debate on it is what that influence is. What can we do about it?” Zinke said, adding that the US should be “prudent” about how it tackles climate change and argued that there is “a lot of debate” surrounding scientific conclusions about climate change even though the scientific community’s consensus about the human causes of climate change is overwhelming.
    Zinke went on to say that he believes in “all the above energy” policies.
    Tillerson, for his part, said during his confirmation hearing he believes “the risk of climate change does exist,” “the increase in greenhouse gas in the atmosphere are having an effect” and vaguely offered that “action should be taken.”
    But just like his would-be counterpart at the Interior Department, Tillerson gave no indication of what that “action” would look like or whether it would be a priority. Tillerson also questioned science’s ability to predict the effects of man-made activity on climate change.
    “The increase in the greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are having an effect. Our ability to predict that effect is very limited,” he said, a statement at odds with scientists’ assessments of most climate change effects.
    Zinke in particular discussed his skepticism of climate change in more palatable terms than Trump’s denunciations of the issue as a “hoax,” but didn’t abandon his views altogether — views he previously expressed in more direct terms.
    Zinke said in 2014 that while climate change is “not a hoax … it’s not proven science, either.”
    He also said climate change wasn’t “settled science.”
    Tillerson, for his part, took steps in his leadership of the world’s largest oil company to acknowledge the reality of climate change and supported global action on the issue.
    But it’s in Trump’s choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency that the President-elect’s climate skepticism is most going to come into play.
    And to lead the agency, Trump appointed one of the most blunt climate change deniers of all his Cabinet picks: Scott Pruitt, who has spent much of his tenure as Oklahoma’s attorney general fighting EPA regulations on pollution.
    “Scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind,” Pruitt wrote in National Review last year, a statement that flies in the face of the scientific consensus.
    And in his lawsuits against the EPA, Pruitt even argued against the EPA’s regulations on mercury, challenging scientific conclusions connecting mercury to brain damage.

    Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/17/politics/donald-trump-cabinet-picks-climate-change/index.html

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    January 18, 2017

    Congresswoman explains why she’s skipping Trump inauguration

    Washington (CNN)Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee explained Monday why she’s planning on skipping Donald Trump’s inauguration, saying she doesn’t support the President-elect’s attorney general nominee, Jeff Sessions, or incoming White House senior adviser, Steve Bannon, because of their controversial pasts.

    “I respect the peaceful transfer of power,” she told CNN’s Erin Burnett on “OutFront.” “(But) how do we come together when we have a Cabinet that has been proposed that is antithetical to the human dignity of all Americans?”
      On January 12, Lee tweeted: “Inauguration should be a celebration. But we have nothing to celebrate on Jan 20. Instead of attending, I will be organizing.”
      More than two dozen Democratic lawmakers are boycotting Trump’s inauguration, particularly after revelations of Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 election and his rebuke of civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis on Saturday.
      And some members have said they will be protesting in Washington and in their districts instead.
      “I think that this for me is a celebration … for me personally, I am not celebrating the swearing-in or the inauguration of someone who campaigned on such a negative campaign and wants to govern in that way as he has shown,” Lee said. “I will be working to help organize a resistance to some of this agenda, such as the repeal of affordable care act … so I’m going to continue to work and hopefully find ways where we can work together on issues that are critical.”

      Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/16/politics/barbara-lee-donald-trump-inauguration/index.html

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      January 17, 2017

      Violent crime in your city? More cops are not enough

      (CNN)Violent crime, particularly gun violence, in the United States is a resurgent epidemic. While crime rates overall have fallen in the last two decades, violent crime in the United States began to climb again in 2015.

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      January 16, 2017

      Conservative pundit says Lewis’ questioning of Trump ‘unprecedented’

      Washington (CNN)A war of words is brewing between President-elect Donald Trump and civil rights icon John Lewis after the congressman doubted the President-elect’s legitimacy — and a conservative pundit says the questioning is “unprecedented.”

      Trump harshly responded to Lewis, tweeting Saturday that he is “all talk” and “no action” after the Georgia Democrat told NBC’s Chuck Todd that Trump is not a “legitimate” president.
        During an interview on CNN’s “Newsroom” with Poppy Harlow on Saturday, conservative radio host Ben Ferguson criticized Lewis for his comments and said he couldn’t believe a congressman of Lewis’ stature could question the President-elect’s legitimacy.
        “It is unprecedented,” Ferguson said. “I cannot imagine the fallout, the backfire that you would have if a Republican would have ever implied that about Barack Obama or Bill Clinton or JFK, or anyone else for that matter.”
        Harlow and fellow guest Symone Sanders, the former press secretary for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, then began to interrupt Ferguson, reminding him there is a precedent, and it’s recent.
        “Ben, that’s exactly what many Republicans did,” Harlow said, “including the President-elect for years questioning the legitimacy of the first black president.”
        Trump launched his political career largely by suggesting President Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States and repeatedly calling for him to release his birth certificate.

        Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/14/politics/ben-ferguson-john-lewis-donald-trump-legitimacy/index.html

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        January 15, 2017

        Canelo lvarez agrees to fight with Julio Csar Chvez Jr on 6 May

        Mexicos two most popular boxers will fight at a catch-weight of 164lbs on Cinco de Mayo weekend

        Canelo lvarez will fight Julio Csar Chvez Jr on 6 May in a matchup of Mexicos two most popular boxers, Golden Boy Promotions announced on Friday.

        Its official, lvarez said in a tweet on Friday afternoon. My next fight will be vs Chavez Jr on May 6th. This is how I operate. Proving myself in the ring and shutting him up.

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        January 14, 2017

        Leon Panetta supports Mike Pompeo, Trump’s pick to lead the CIA

        Washington (CNN)Former CIA Director Leon Panetta said Thursday that Rep. Mike Pompeo, whom President-elect Donald Trump has picked to lead the agency, is up to the task and supports his nomination.

        “He’s somebody who understands the intelligence agencies, is smart and I think will be a good director,” Panetta told CNN’s Erin Burnett on “OutFront.”
          Panetta, who later served as President Barack Obama’s secretary of defense, has made similarly positive comments about defense secretary nominee James Mattis.
          Pompeo at his Senate confirmation hearing earlier on Thursday said it would be his mission to deliver unvarnished facts to the President and pledged to shield the agency from political influence at a time when Trump has been critical of the intelligence community. Pompeo, a Kansas Republican, also said he would not restart the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques if he were approved for the position.

          Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/12/politics/leon-panetta-mike-pompeo-praise/index.html

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          January 13, 2017

          Afghan Taliban video purportedly shows American, Australian hostages

          (CNN)The Afghan Taliban released a new video Wednesday purportedly showing two teachers from the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul begging US President-elect Donald Trump to make a deal for their release.

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          January 12, 2017