Sutton goalkeeper’s midgame pie sparks gambling probe

(CNN)It started as a hilarious highlight to an otherwise lackluster soccer match: Sutton United’s “roly-poly goalie” Wayne Shaw caught snacking on a pie during the second half of the club’s FA Cup match against Arsenal.

But what began as a lark has ended with gambling investigations and the reported resignation of the much-loved reserve goalkeeper.
You see, Sun Bets — which controversially replaced Sutton’s normal sponsor just for the Arsenal game — had 8/1 odds on Shaw being caught munching on a pie on the sideline.
    The Monday game was billed as the ultimate in David v. Goliath matchups. The Premier League’s fourth-place team, the Arsenal Gunners, were set to travel to Gander Green Lane (capacity roughly 6,000 with a temporary stand to accommodate Arsenal fans) to take on non-league Sutton United, a squad that sits 105 places beneath the Gunners in the standings.

    In the second half of the fixture, after Arsenal striker Theo Walcott put the Gunners up 2-0 and Sutton had exhausted its substitutions, cameras caught Shaw on the sideline unabashedly — enthusiastically even — scarfing down what the commentators said was a pie.
    Perhaps not since the New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez ate that hot dog on the sideline have sports and cuisine collided in such a high-profile way.

    My new favorite non-#Arsenal, non-American player is #SuttonUnited's backup GK Wayne Shaw. He hit the bar during halftime of the #FACup match, then nommed a pie in the 2nd half. Presented in slow-mo to magnify its glory…

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    February 22, 2017

    Alpine airports: Ski resorts you can fly into

    (CNN)The freedom found skiing on a mountain is often earned after lengthy journeys, airport hassles and time-consuming traffic.

    But what if flying to the slopes was simple?
    Certain ski resorts do offer this — and not just the ones involving a helicopter lift from the nearest international airport.
    “The benefit of private jet travel for ski trips is as much about time saving and convenience, as it is about luxury,” says PrivateFly chief executive Adam Twidell.
      Here are nine of the best ski resorts that can by flown directly to, with airfields less than 10 miles from the ski lifts.

      Courchevel, France

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      February 21, 2017

      Eerie sculptures question the boundaries of human form

      (CNN)In Choi Xooang’s hyperrealistic sculptures, eyeless heads face off against each other, dismembered hands convene to form fleshy angel wings, and men with dog heads pose in underpants.

      It’s little surprise then that the Seoul-born South Korean declares: “If one feels uncomfortable physically or mentally when viewing my work, I would say it worked.”
      The fine detail and often grotesque style of Choi’s work has helped him stand out among South Korea’s increasingly diverse contemporary arts scene. But in May he will make further inroads internationally, showing an exhibition at New York’s Doosan Gallery, where he is presently completing a six month residency.
        “There is a thread of fine craftsmanship that runs through his work, exquisite rendering,” says author of the 2012 book “Korean Contemporary Art” Miki Wick Kim. “And of course, good artwork embodies so many different things coming together — it can’t just be a tangibly gorgeous surface, it needs to have context and relevance.”

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        February 20, 2017

        Leaflets dropped over western Mosul to warn of Iraqi military offensive

        (CNN)The Iraqi Air Force dropped millions of leaflets over western Mosul late Saturday warning residents of an offensive by ground forces on the ISIS-held part of the city, which has so far been targeted only by airstrikes.

        Iraqi forces have had control of the eastern part of the city, which is divided by the Tigris River, since January.
        The leaflets say Iraqi forces are making advancements to the western side and “provide guidance and recommendations” for citizens ahead of the offensive, according to a statement from the Iraqi Joint Operations Command (JOC).

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          February 19, 2017

          Virginia man who tried to aid ISIS sentenced

          Washington (CNN)A Virginia man who appeared set on inspiring attacks in Washington by adherents to ISIS was sentenced on Friday to eight and a half years in prison.

          Haris Qamar pleaded guilty in October to attempting to provide material support to the terrorist group and was sentenced by US District Judge Leonie M. Brinkema, the Justice Department said.
          Qamar, 26, spoke to an FBI informant about possible targets in the capital and encouraged a confidential witness to take certain photographs of possible targets for a video meant to inspire future attackers. The confidential witness and Qamar later visited several of those targets, including some in Arlington, Virginia, last spring, prosecutors said.
            Qamar, from the city of Burke in Fairfax County, also had several conversations with the witness during which he expressed his admiration for violence and suicide bombings.
            The Justice Department has steadily prosecuted men found to be trying to recruit and inspire ISIS homegrown attackers in the US. As a candidate, President Donald Trump repeatedly pledged to crack down on Islamic extremism after several terrorist attacks occurred during the 2016 presidential race.

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            February 18, 2017

            DACA: 10 questions on program that protects ‘Dreamers’

            (CNN)Could former President Barack Obama’s signature immigration measure be headed for the chopping block?

            It’s a key question that’s been looming since President Donald Trump took office. But so far, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — which Obama created with an executive order in 2012 — remains in place.
            Debate over the issue surged again this week after the arrest of a 23-year-old man in Washington state who was a participant in the program.
              In a news conference Thursday, Trump described DACA as “one of the most difficult subjects” he’s facing. The measure prohibits the deportation of those meeting certain requirements.
              Here’s a look at some key questions to consider as Trump and other officials weigh what to do next.

              Who’s participating in the program?

              These are undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, a group often described as Dreamers. To be eligible, an applicant must have arrived in the US before age 16 and lived there since June 15, 2007. They cannot have been older than 30 when Obama signed the 2012 executive order.
              More than 750,000 people are part of the program. As of the end of September, there were more than 46,000 people with applications pending. There are 752,154 people who have been approved over the life of the program.

              What does DACA do for them?

              If their applications are approved by U.S. immigration officials, DACA recipients can come out of the shadows and obtain valid driver’s licenses, enroll in college and legally secure jobs.

              Where does the program stand now?

              It’s unclear. Trump vowed to dismantle it on the campaign trail but has since signaled he might take a softer stance.
              “DACA is a very, very difficult subject for me, I will tell you. To me, it’s one of the most difficult subjects I have because you have these incredible kids,” Trump said on Thursday. “We’re gonna deal with DACA with heart.”
              As of this week, officials said they were still accepting applications for the program.

              If Trump repeals it, is there any hope for Dreamers?

              Some lawmakers have proposed a bipartisan measure that could protect Dreamers from deportation if Trump ends the program.

              Why are people called Dreamers?

              The term Dreamers comes from the proposed DREAM Act, which offered legal status in return for attending college or joining the military. It was first introduced in 2001 and the latest version was voted down in the Senate in December 2010.

              Can you still be deported if you have been approved?

              Yes. Immigration officials say this happens when a DACA recipient is found to be a threat to either public or national safety. About 1,500 people have had their deferral canceled due to a crime or gang-related activity or admission, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

              How long does the deferral last?

              Two years. After that people can apply for renewal. About 146,000 people did so in fiscal year 2016.

              Can Dreamers travel to other countries?

              Yes, but they must fill out a form, pay $575 and be granted permission. Vacation travel is not permitted, but participants can leave for funerals, job assignments, school-related travel and other reasons.

              What information and fees are required?

              Applicants must provide evidence they were living in the United States at the prescribed times, proof of education and confirmation they are who they say they are. They must pass background, fingerprint and other checks that look at identifying biological features.
              The fee for biometric tests is $85 and filling the form for employment authorization is $410.

              Where do I find out more about DACA?

              There are answers to more complex questions on the website of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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              February 17, 2017

              Trump announces first post-inauguration campaign rally

              Washington (CNN)Less than a month into office, President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday the first rally since his inauguration.

              The President tweeted an announcement for the rally set for Saturday in Melbourne, Florida.
              “Join me in Florida this Saturday at 5pm for a rally at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport!” Trump tweeted.
                An administration official said Trump would rally supporters at an airport hangar there, the same venue where he held a rally in September.
                Trump is slated to arrive at the rally by landing at the airport on Air Force One and disembarking in front of the crowd, just as he did during the campaign, the official said.
                White House press secretary Sean Spicer said on Wednesday the event was a campaign rally and directed questions about it to “the campaign.” He said Trump’s campaign was paying for it but didn’t offer further details.
                Trump indicated in a form sent to the Federal Election Commission on Inauguration Day that he intended to run for President again, but noted it did not constitute the formal announcement of his 2020 candidacy.
                Last week, the Office of Special Counsel issued guidance for federal bureaucrats with regard to the nascent re-election effort.

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                February 16, 2017

                Mulvaney faces new GOP hurdles for budget director, threatening confirmation

                Washington (CNN)Rep. Mick Mulvaney is facing fresh GOP resistance ahead of his confirmation vote this week as President Donald Trump’s budget director, with a veteran Senate Republican privately raising concerns about a nomination that now hangs in the balance in the Senate.

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                February 15, 2017

                Dating coaches share how to find love

                (CNN)You may be hugged up and cozy on the couch with your boyfriend, wife or significant other, but many Americans haven’t found their Mr. or Ms. Right.

                There are more unmarried people now than ever before in the United States. True, some people are committed and just not tying the knot, but many just haven’t found their special someone. That’s despite the growing number of dating apps like Hinge, Match, Tinder, Bumble and OK Cupid.
                So how can you increase your chances of finding a mate? Two dating coaches — one in Atlanta, the other near San Diego — spoke about their approach to finding love for their clients.

                  Check your inner dialogue

                  These dating coaches say the biggest obstacle is their clients’ own attitudes.
                  “It’s the story they tell themselves: ‘There are no good people out there. I’m too picky. Nobody’s really looking for a relationship,’ ” said Traci Porterfield, founder of Love By Design in La Costa, California.
                  “You attract what you are. They bring that low energy, low vibration to that date because they are expecting it to be awful.”
                  Dating coach Karla Moore if NineGPS in Atlanta agrees.
                  “Without a doubt, it is the client that is really, really stuck in a negative thought pattern. Learning how to pivot from that mentality is really a tall order for some singles, especially if you have a track record of disappointment,” Moore said.
                  “Make it a habit to constantly notice what you’re thinking, because a lot of people think, ‘I’m too fat. I’m a bad dater.’ Those are the kinds of things, whether you’re aware of it or not, that you’re putting out to the other person. That is what the message is. The first step is being aware of it and switching that.”
                  Porterfield recommends replacing that inner dialogue with positive self talk.
                  “I have people find phrases, whether it’s creating a mantra or a song that makes you feel great. If you tell yourself ‘dating is fun. I can make a new friend,’ that’s a whole lot different than ‘there’s nobody out there. All the good people are taken.’ “

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                  February 14, 2017

                  Donald Trump’s Asia pivot

                  Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump now has his own Asia pivot.

                  In less than 24 hours, Trump distanced himself from the incendiary tone he struck on China and Japan while running for office.
                  Acting more as a statesman than a populist insurgent candidate, Trump implied he will operate within the conventional US foreign policy framework towards Asia and soothed global fears that he intends a wholesale rejection of the international system.
                    Trump reaffirmed the two central planks of US Asia policy that have prevailed for decades during a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping late Thursday and in welcoming Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Washington Friday.
                    He pledged to Xi that he would respect the “One China” policy under which the US doesn’t grant diplomatic recognition to Taiwan — which is regarded by Beijing as a renegade province — despite earlier warning that he might use the issue as leverage in trade talks.

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                    February 13, 2017