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Publish Android App Inventor Apps to the Market with AppToMarket

Have you been playing around with the Android App Inventor tool?  If you aren’t familiar with it, it offers a quick and easy interface to build Android apps using a “point-and-click” approach.  

Up until now, there was one major drawback to using App Inventor: Google does not provide a way to publish the apps you create to the Market.  All of that changes now thanks to XDA Developes forum member kkashi.  He has created an app that allows you to update the manifest, recompile the app, sign it, verify the signature, and finally zip align it.  All of this is done pretty much with just a single click.

What you are left with is an .APK file that is fully ready to publish to the Android Market.  All you have left to do is pay your $25 to Google to register as a developer and your on your way to untold riches, fame and glory with your unique idea for a fart soundboard app.

To get your hands on this cool app, or find out more details, head on past the break.

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