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GOgroove FlexSMART X2

GoGroove Flexsmart X2The GoGroove Flexsmart X2 is an FM transmitter which can connect to a great range of mobile phones thanks to a Bluetooth connection and transmits audio to a car sound system using an FM signal and thus does not make use of a cord.

Setting up the GoGroove Flexsmart X2 with your car audio system:

The first step is to connect the plug of the GoGroove X2 Flexsmart into the cigarette outlet of your car. After pushing the power button a LCD monitor lights up and the FM station can be adjusted with the twisting dialer. You have to match the FM station of the Flexsmart X2 with the radio of your car. If you hold down the button for a few seconds, it will lock on the clearest station.

To put your GoGroove Flexsmart X2 into pairing mode just push for a couple of seconds the blue call button, you will see a light flashing, next put your phone into Bluetooth mode and look for Flexsmart X2. After 5 seconds, you will hear two beeps when it connects. If you want to connect another phone, unpair the first phone before connecting the second one.

Sound quality for music and hand-free calls:

The music quality of the Flexsmart X2 is very satisfactory and presents much less interference compare to other brands of FM transmitters. It might be due to the fact that it does not use cables to connect the FM transmitter to the mobile phone. Even if Bluetooth music is better-quality, it might be necessary to retune your treble and bass levels.

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The call quality is also exceptionally good even if for some incoming calls the interlocutor might complain hearing the echo of his voice in the background but it is seldom and it might be due to weak reception signal. Another great feature of the Flexsmart X2 is the possibility to answer phone calls and end them without the need to touch your phone.

GoGroove Flexsmart X2_controlsControls on the GoGroove Flexsmart X2:

Apart from answering and ending calls, you can also call the last person you talked to by just holding down the call button for a few seconds.

The twisting knob will scan FM station by step of 0.1 for each click and if pushed down, it will auto seek the next clearest FM station. If clicked down, it will control the volume. One of the best volume levels seems to be reached when the volume level is at 30 and your car audio system at mid volume.

The play, pause, forward and back buttons will control your recorded music on most of the phones.

Other nice features:

When you turn on your car it re-syncs automatically if your phone Bluetooth is left on.

With its three USB cables, it can charge any iPod and almost all cell phones. There is also a USB port on the side of the  Flexsmart X2 that will allow you to charge an extra cell phone.

You can use any other devices without a Bluetooth capability like iPods, MP3 players or laptops just by using the two-way cable and the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The GoGroove Flexsmart X2 is not obtrusive, does not have excessive wiring just the gooseneck, has a great design and is covered by a free three years warranty, support and service.

Technical Description

  • One device which combines many features in a high-tech design: music playing, allows hands-free calls and can charge at the same time the battery of your mobile phones (included Blackberry and windows smartphones). It is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art Bluetooth FM transmitter providing excellent Bluetooth sound quality without the need of factory installed Bluetooth.
  • It has embedded controls for play, volume and phone settings easily installed in any vehicle thanks to the flexible neck.
  • You just need to sync your phone in order to enjoy hands-free calls with the enhanced voice detection microphone.
  • It can automatically find the clearest stations with a push of a button.
  • And a 3 year free warranty, service and support from Accessory Power.

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Setup is easy! It comes packaged as two separate pieces. There is a Flex-Neck and a Control Hub. Once assembled, it is ready to be connected to the 12V DC outlet in your vehicle. Simply insert the DC barrel into your vehicle’s DC outlet.

You can switch the power ON and OFF with the convenient Power Button.

Care and maintenance
– Do not expose the unit to dust, water, or extreme temperatures.
– Do not attempt to disassemble the product.
– If the product is giving you problems, please contact the manufacturer or retailer.

Product Specifications

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V2.1
Bluetooth profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP
Frequency response: 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz
FM frequency: 88.1-107.9MHz
Bluetooth range: 10M
FM range: 5M
Input: DC 12V 400mA
USB output: DC 5.0V 600mA
Dimension: 84×46×32mm
Weight: Main body: 42.9g
DC Barrel: 75.5g

GoGrove Flexsmart X2 is Manufactured by Accessory Power, Accessory Power is a Hong Kong and USA based manufacturer. The products manufactured are Professional Quality Batteries, Chargers and Power Adapters.

Accessory Power products have the latest California Silicon Valley Technology, Manufactured with European Quality. Offers quality product packaging, QA testing, catalogs, displays, and cross reference resources to the latest products.

The Professional Series batteries all have Golden contact tips and BSP technology built in. all the chargers have ICC and or MPC technology to prevent overload, short circuit and thermal cut off. All products are backed by a 3 year warranty.

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