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3 Cute hand warmers

We covered soup and coffee warmers this morning, but what if we just want to keep our hands nice and toasty?

There are so many different solutions out there, so expect us to feature many many more as it gets colder and colder! But for now here are three of our favourites:


4.99 GBP (around $3.18) The Mini Hottie Hand Warmer from Firebox (UK).


We know what you’re thinking, this little USB handwarmer DOES look ridiculous, but it also keeps your hands nice and toasty if you slip them inside it AND it’s powered by your computer, so we can’t argue with that.

$6.98 from Light in the box.


Now we’re not suggesting you take up smoking, but if you already use a lighter then this hand warming one from Zippo would be ideal in the winter months.

$15.95 from Amazon.

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