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A Diamond REALLY is a Girl’s Best Friend : Beauty Gadget


Instead of wearing that rock on your finger, try using it as a beauty gadget. The Diamond Tipped Microdermabrasion System uses a fine diamond tip, and swears that it diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and makes you appear younger within months.

It works by exfoliating the skin and minimizing the appearance of age spots and enlarged pores. A vacuum integrated into the wand removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood circulation throughout the face, which is suppossed to facilitate collagen and elastin cell production and produce softer,younger-looking skin.

They recommend you use it twice a week, for 10 minutes sessions, and it comes with two different diamond tips, for normal and sensitive skin. A “comfort control knob” provides five sensitivity levels.

But diamonds don’t come cheap. This jewel-tipped gadget will put you back $249 at HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER.

Would we try it? Heck, yeah!

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