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Accordian cooler carries its own music to the beach


One of my greatest treasures while I was a school-going sun-burnt kid was a cheap, portable cassette player that disguised its actual origins by sporting the famous brand name “Sony” on its dull-gray body. Only, the “y” actually was a cleverly manipulated “v”. But that didn’t stop my first “PMP” from being my constant companion, inside the house and on all family outings – which also meant I carried loads of audio tapes on all journeys, much to the frustration of fellow travelers.

And I see that you might have quite a few memories of your own to make if you manage to lug around this Accordian Expandable Music Cooler the next time you are out on the beach or camping. Even as the collapsible cooler can hold can hold 16 cans for cooling, it promises to cater to your musical inclinations too – it carries a built-in AM/FM radio and an MP3 plugin. At just . Cool. But pack along some(?) extra batteries if you don’t want to get disappointed – the specs don’t say how many are required to run this thing. Or stay safe and be contented with your iPod.

Via Crunchgear.

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