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Aiptek’s PenCam Trio HD is Small, Real Small

Just when you thought mini-camcorders couldn’t get any smaller, here come’s the PenCam HD Trio from Aiptek. The 130 x 35 x 19mm PenCam has a an equally tiny 1.1-inch OLED screen that will probably ruin your eyes. But date with the opthamologist aside, the PenCam has some pretty cool features including the ability to shoot high definition video (1280x720p) that can capture up to 30 fps.


The mini-cam can also take some decent stills thanks to the five megapixel lens. The Trio can also upload directly to YouTube and has a digital voice recorder for taking notes. There’s also 4GB of memory, plenty to store all the videos, notes, and stills you can throw at it.

Available in silver, black, blue, red, and purple, the PenCam is a Windows-compatible deal. No word on pricing yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Via Engadget

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