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Always Innovating Creates Two-Piece Netbook

As netbooks continue to flood the market, it’s getting increasingly difficult to tell one comp from another. You know what that means: time for some gimmicks! While some are more useful than others, when a tech market becomes overly saturated, product-makers start pulling out the flashy bells and whistles to capture consumer attention.


Such is the case with Always Innovating’s latest netbook, the Touchbook. This new entry into the netbook market essential combines a netbook and a tablet. Using a detachable keyboard and a 3D touchscreen, the Touchbook is as versatile as a three-piece suit. According to Touchbook creator and Always Innovating founder, Grégoire Gentil, “You can use it as a netbook computer, a hand-held game machine, or a video player. You can even reverse the keyboard to prop it up on a table in an inverted ‘V’. Finally, because it is magnetic, you can remove the keyboard and put the tablet on the fridge to serve as a kitchen computer or digital frame.”

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