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Another Moleskine is here for your new year!


The search for the perfect planner never ends, does it? At the moment I’m pretty happy with my Moleskine pocket model in the weekly format. It’s small and light and very portable. There’s a week’s worth of events and appointments on the left, and a right-hand page of lined note paper, perfect for ToDos, reminders, and other urgent thoughts.

But the New Year approacheth, and if you haven’t yet found your 2011 perfect planner, maybe Moleskine’s latest is for you–or someone you’d like to keep organized. It’s the Extra Small Planner, the teeny-tiniest of the Moleskine line, just released in both monthly and weekly formats. It’s a petite 2 1/2 x 4, about cell-phone size, which makes it very portable indeed, but I think you’ll need small handwriting.

A big plus is that it comes in 5 other colors besides the classic Moleskine black. A petite price, too; JenniBick Bookbinding has it for just .96. Personalization also possible, but of course a bit extra. I linked to the pink daily planner, but Jenni stocks all the other colors too, in both daily and weekly formats.

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