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Another USB hub that’s much more


Here’s yet another USB hub with a difference – this one has an integrated luminous calculator for number crunching, a mouse pad and a 3-port hub, all rolled (out) into one entity.

The USP of this device is that it lights up with a “blue, moody light” that illuminates the calculator making it look pretty fetching (in complete darkness, ofcourse). And it is super-slim too, measuring just around 4mm in thickness. The calculator can be switched off and used as a mouse pad, or as a USB 1.1 (only ?) hub. The device itself runs either on external power supply or a single battery (power adapter / battery included).

Well, if you haven’t bought yourself even one of the zillion USB-hub-cum-this-‘n-that devices yet, head on to GizFever and check this one out. Costs .99.

Via Engadget.

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