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AppSpeed Monster Truck: Controlled by your iPhone


iPhones already control our lives, so why not our toys? Dexim has developed a Monster Truck that is controlled wirelessly from – wait for it – your iPhone, iPad or iTouch.Remotes are so yesteryear.

Just download the app from itunes and your Monster Truck is ready to roll over some Matchbox cars. The AppSpeed iOS-controlled vehicle has two methods of control; the traditional touch sensor controls the truck from your Apple devices’ touch screen for the gravity sensor which allows the user to simply gyrate their Apple device to direct the Monster Truck. (That’s where the Apple’s unique gyroscope comes in handy.)

Never fear, both modes of function give 360 degrees of movement control and speed up to 50 feet indoors or outdoors. The AppSpeed also comes equipped with three pre-set modes that allow the user to automatically zigzag, spin or dance the Monster Truck to music as well as a quick-charge battery pack and USB cable for seamless, on-the-go charging.

The AppSpeed Monster Truck will retail for $69.99; the iTunes app is free.
Next, I expect all our entire kitchen appliances to be controlled by our iPhones or iPad, and then watch the vacuum cleaner take on the Monster Truck!

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