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Are you–or someone you care about–addicted to the Internet?


Rehab is now available for addiction to social networking and online gaming. For only ,500, Internet addicts can spend 45 days kicking the habit at the first US Internet addiction rehab center.

If you don’t happen to have ,500 handy to help you swear off Facebook and/or World of Warcraft permanently, maybe you could just move to an obscure corner of the US where wi-fi has not yet arrived.

The new Internet addiction rehab center is located in aptly named Fall City, Washington, oddly close to headquarters for one of the Internet’s chief pushers, Microsoft. Still, the rehab center is a start at closing the yawning Internet addiction rehab gap with China, which is said to have declared Internet addiction its number one health problem and opened 400 Internet addiction rehab centers to combat it.

The sole US rehab center’s founders claim that as many as one in 10 of us is an Internet addict. I’m wondering if that isn’t an underestimate. If you consult a list of Signs and Symptoms of Internet/Gaming Addiction, you’ll see that “Being dishonest with others” is one of them. Since nearly everybody lies to somebody sometime about something, does that mean nearly everybody is an Internet addict?

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