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Babies: The Latest and Greatest Gaming Peripheral

Babies are cute and marketable. Which is why Nintendo in its infinite wisdom has decided to put a Wiimote inside a baby. Not a real one mind you, that would be too messy and cause a media crapstorm. In addition to boxing gloves, a football, and of course guns of various shapes and sizes, now you can add baby to the list of unnecessary Wii accessories.


The doll is part of a limited edition package for “Baby and Me”. The game is a simulator, letting players go through the joys of parenthood without actually having one of their own. Using the balance board, devoted parents must attend to the needs of their darling baby girl including feeding, burping, and yes, diaper changes. So what’s the Wiimote-packed doll for? When baby is upset, it cries through the speaker in the Wiimote, alerting parents that it’s time to get off their lazy butts and onto the balance board. It also giggles and gurgles in approval of your servitude.

Apparently this game hits stores on November 10. You won’t find me clamoring for this “game”, but it would definitely make a cool gift for a kid this holiday season.

Via Kotaku

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