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Baggu makes perfect lightweight laptop bag


Today we came across the amazing bag website Baggu from a recommendation on Twitter. It’s essentially just a standard online bag shop, but there are SO many different styles and all kinds of colors to choose from.

Simply choose the style of bag you want from the menu across the top and then you’re taken to the different color options underneath.

For the longest time I’ve been looking for a back pack that’ll fit my laptop but won’t break the bank OR make me look like I’m going hiking and I think I’ve found the perfect solution with Baggu’s Daypack. The bags are made of lightweight nylon, can be folded into a little pocket when you’re not using them and are 16″ high – perfect for carrying around smaller laptops, netbooks and tablets.


The neon Daypack above in Electric Poppy is available from Baggu for only $24.

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