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Bang & Olufsen puts the spotlight back on landlines with the BeoCom 5


While most of us are obsessed with our shiny smartphones and limited edition luxury cellphones, the landlines have silently borne the negligence. Yeah, remember that very first, “real” communication device which most of us thought we could never get enough of? And yet gave the boot as soon as we laid hands on the cellphone?

So the landline has decided to come back with a bang – oops – Bang & Olufsen’s Beocom 5. And it carries the trademark
Bang & Olufsen oomph – great looks and superior audio quality that comes from the same audio technology used in their loudspeakers. The Beocom 5 can hold upto 400 contacts and allows for user-specific customization of display. It also offers a unique feature – the ability to rig up two separate phone lines with the same handset, say one personal line and another for work. The speaker sports a sleek aluminium finish and can handle group conferencing, perhaps when you suddenly feel the urge to connect to lost friends/family. Availability and pricing are still under the wraps, but you know better than to expect budget from B&O.

Via Engadget.

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