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Bath-o-matic can be controlled remotely


Today we came across a brilliant new idea from the Unique Automation company, an automatic bath!

Dubbed the bath-o-matic, the cutting edge ‘bath management system’, allows home owners to turn on their baths regardless of where they happen to be. We can imagine it’d be ideal if you’re travelling home after a long day and just want to jump straight in without having to wait around.

You’re not just able to turn your bath on and off either, you can decide on the temperature, as well as whether you want bubbles or not. Perfect.

The company’s main aim is to bring all kinds of automated solutions into our lives and it wants to start with the home, specifically the bathroom. Find out more about bath-o-matic and Unique Automation’s other products, like the bath-o-vision and the iShower over on its official website.

Image via bath-o-matic.

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