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Battery Wizard snaps disposable batteries out of their slumber


The association between batteries and geeks is like a romance between “two young star-cross’d lovers”, to take a little help from Shakespeare. Only, the relationship is most certainly polygamous. For, every geek in his lifetime depends on hundreds of different kinds of ’em lovely batteries to maintain his identity. Now, this is where we want to step in and reduce those that he’s not taking seriously – the “disposable” ones, you see.

The Battery Wizard has the same noble intent as it turns out a unique battery recharger – one that can recharge both disposable as well as rechargeable Ni-Cad and Ni-Mh batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, 9v block). Interesting huh? The Battery Wizard can apparently extend the life of standard alkaline batteries by up to 10 times by “reconditioning” them – a process whereby the “batteries’ valuable chemical contents are fully utilized”. There is an LCD screen that indicates the status of each one of the 4 batteries that you can load at one time. Faulty batteries are rejected and completely dead ones are ignored, if you will.

And don’t you worry – the device has been certified for safe operation according to British Standards. Clap, clap.

Available from Gizoo for around .

Via The Red Ferret.

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