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Bayer’s Contour USB Meter Empowers Patients

If you’re living with diabetes or knows someone who is, you know how vital keeping track of every test and every shot of insulin can be — it’s the ultimate case of knowledge is power. For those that with the disease that must test their blood sugars levels regularly, Bayer has released the Bayer Contour USB Meter. The first of its kind, the USB meter is the first blood glucose meter that plugs into a computer for quick and accurate data management for optimal diabetes management.


Simple to use, the patient simply insert a test strip into the meter and take their test as usual. The Contour gives the test results on the easy to read color OLED display and logs it for later use. Able to hold up to 2,000 test results, the devices is a great way to track blood glucose patterns which can be a boon to both doctors and patients. Based on Bayer’s CONTOUR system, the meter utilizes the incredibly accurate No Coding technology for results patients can trust. Bayer also added the AutoLog feature that allows users to mark their tests as Before Meal or After Meal for more detailed records.

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