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Beaba BabyCook: Easy on Baby’s Stomach and Parent’s Wallets

I don’t have to tell you that having a baby can be expensive. The food, the clothes, the toy, not to mention the seemingly unending need for diapers can drain even the most solid of finances. This new gadget from Beaba might be the must have gift this holiday for parents with toddler-aged children.


Leave it to the French to make an awesome food-based gizmo. The Beaba Babycook is a handy device that makes baby food right before your eyes. The Babycook is a food-processor, stove, steamer, and defroster all in one. The device is simple enough to use. Take those peas, peaches, or beets into the cooking basket. The process starts by steaming your raw materials for 15 minutes, sealing all the nutrients and flavors in place. After the freshly steamed food is blended and pureed into yummy and healthy food ready for baby’s sensitive stomach.

The Babycook makes up to two and a half cups of food per use. It also comes with a spatula, bowl, and containers for freezing servings so food can be prepared in advance. Thanks to the gadget’s defrost function, there will never be a long wait to defrost precooked food and there’s no worry of over-nulking it in the microwave. There’s also a recipe booklet just to give parents some inspiration when preparing their baby’s meal.

BPA-tested, Parents with kids from six months to two years will be using this thing constantly.Luckily, the : 11 x 5½ x 8-inch device doesn’t take up too much counter space. And to make things even more convenient, everything included with the Babycook is dishwasher-friendly.

Video of the Beaba Babycook in action

Via Coolest Gadgets

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