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Beauty Gadget : LightStim


Used to be, you had to go to your doctor’s office for a zap of LED light therapy. Said to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and result in more radiant skin, women flocked to the treatment. The only problem: the price. (Professional LED treatments usually cost $100 or more per treatment.) Originally used for acne treatment, doctors accidentally discovered that LED Light Therapy stimulated your cells, thereby increasing the production of collagen and elastin.

So with FDA approval, various companies came out with their own LED light systems for home use. Of the ones we’ve tried, “LightStim for Wrinkles” is the best product on the market. It’s not cheap at $299 but figure what you save on the doctor visits. It is the only LED gizmo approved by the FDA specifically for wrinkles, and many doctor’s office even use them. Some of the similar products do not have enough LED “wattage” to really make any difference.

Use it religiously for 20 minutes every day and you will gradually see a difference in your skin.
It took us about a month. While it is aimed at antiaging by stimulating collagen and elastin growth in the skin, it also improves the overall quality and texture of skin and reduces pore size.
Who doesn’t need that?

(Before it was used as an anti-aging device, the blue light LED therapy was the the go-to therapy for bad acne, but that it a different device than this one.)

LightStim is labeled safe for all skin types, but as with any skin treatment, we recommend you check with your dermatologist before starting.


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