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Birdsong radio woos its fans (for the last time)


Here’s a sweet story, or even a “tweet” story… No, I’m not rambling on about Twitter yet again – I’m talking about real birds this time.

After British digital radio station OneWorld was taken off the air, the BBC had nothing to replace it with. So they replaced music with… recorded birdsong.

Almost half a million listeners tuned in over the 18 months “Birdsong radio” was running, many of whom, like author Sir Terry Pratchett, found it “relaxing”. Some fans were city-dwellers who never get to hear birds singing in real life.

But at the start of June, the idyll was over: The BBC’s new station, Amazing Radio, which will feature unsigned artists, was launched, and Birdsong radio was no more. Huh. I guess it was more of a sad story, really. Shame there isn’t room on the radio for upcoming musicians and nature’s own, isn’t it?

Image: Wikimedia.

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