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Black Hello Kitty PMP is Techie Catnip

I haven’t had anything Hello Kitty since I was a little girl, but iriver is really making me backtrack on that decision. Their new black Hello Kitty PMP is sleek and stylish enough that I wouldn’t feel silly using it public. From the gold-accented bow to the whiskers, I just can’t stop looking at it.


Available in 2GB and 4GB versions, the player is still a Japanese exclusive. It come packaged with earbuds and a USB cable. Volume and playback controls are located on the back of Kitty’s head. Weighing in at a mere 16g, you just want to take it everywhere. The silicon cases are a cute touch, not only can you dress your Hello Kitty up, it keeps it safe from scratches.

It’s set to release in Japan in time for the holidays. No word on when or if its coming stateside, but if you’re a Hello Kitty fanatic you might want to look into importing this pretty mama. It’s retailing for about .

Via Engadget

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