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Bluetooth Mini Phone looks cute, takes away your own Martian looks


Since I have always felt rather uncomfortable with the idea of the bluetooth headset stuck in the ear, however utilitarian it happens to be, I get mighty excited when I see innovation that takes away that basic assumption. Over and above that, gizmos with a retro look cause an omission of atleast a dozen heartbeats. So quite naturally, I have fallen in love with this uber-cute bluetooth device in which blend the two aspects wonderfully – the Bluetooth Mini Phone.

This little device looks like the miniature version of a retro phone handset and can be hung around your neck on a lanyard. And like any bluetooth headset, it pairs up with your mobile phone, whose calls you then can attend by picking up the little laddie dangling around your neck and pressing the call button. The not-so-obvious advantage with this arrangement being, you can hide your shiny new mobile from prying eyes and eliminate the otherwise unsightly burden on your ear. Costs .

Via The Red Ferret.

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