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Boy invents bell which tricks burglars


Unfortunately, far too many people get back from a weekend away or a vacation to find that they’ve had many of their favourite and most expensive possessions stolen.

Now a 13 year old boy has decided to come up with a solution to this nasty problem. Laurence Rook has designed a doorbell which tricks burglars into thinking home owners are in when actually they can be anywhere in the world as long as they have a cell phone at hand.

Laurence’s design, the Smart Bell, calls your cell phone when your doorbell is rung so you can talk to the people who are outside your door, whether they’re selling cookies or looking for the best way in. Although I don’t think it would put an end to these kinds of burglaries, it’s a good solution. However, I presume you’d have to be armed with a good excuse as to why you’re stood next to the door inside the house yet not answering it to whoever’s on the other side…

Via UberGizmo. Image via Mykl Roventine.

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