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Bunny macaron maker

I am obsessed with macarons- and yes, I know that sounds very Marcel from Top Chef, but macaroons are the big gooey coconut cookies, and these tiny, egg white/ground nut filled sandwich cookies are, to me, much more delicate and special. They are indescribably delicious, but notoriously difficult to make.

My all-time favorite online shop, Strapya, now has a shorcut which promises to make the process a tad easier, and the final results much much much cuter. What’s cuter than a cookie the size of a tip of thumb? How about one that looks like a bunny or a bear? The hardest part of making macarons is the piping (squeezing out the sticky, stiff dough into perfect circles) so the At-home macaron maker provides a template- basically like batter stencils, which you you use to make your macarons perfect. There’s also a hand mixer, which presumably assists in making sure you don’t under or over beat your macaron batter which is far too easy to do with a powerful electric hand mixer. This is so charmingly Easy-Bake, even though I realize it doesn’t actually look all that easy.

Available for pre-order, for about , at Strapya.

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