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CEATEC gets Sharp to show off NetWalker, its smartphone-netbook combo


Sharp has cleverly walked into the as-yet-unnoticed space between two electronic giants – the smartphone and the netbook – by introducing NetWalker PC-Z1, a mini netbook with a 5-inch WSVGA touchscreen interface, developed for the Japanese market.

The NetWalker showed up at CEATEC Japan and promises to cater to those ambiguous minds which are eternally undecided between using a chic touchscreen or sticking to the old-fashioned convenience of a tactile keyboard. The device comes bundled with 4GB memory, microSD slot, optical pointer, a USB port, WiFi and a robust battery life of 10 hours. It runs on Ubuntu and offers all the conveniences of a standard netbook in addition to being a portable electronic dictionary and e-book reader.

The NetWalker is scheduled for a late October release in Japan at a price of 44,800 yen (US 0). And oh, you can get your first impressions with this detailed unboxing from the folks over at Pocketables before you schedule that next vacation to Japan.


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