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Clever rainwater collector is also a vertical garden


Rainwater collectors are usually small tubs or little pipes that run into a larger reservoir within your home. However, this clever rainwater design called Gota Verde, or Green Drop, aims to turn your rainwater collector into something that isn’t just practical, but looks good too.

The Gota Verde works by collecting water from a roof through a series of small tubes, these then feed the rainwater into a large tank behind the structure. The water is then fed to the plants that grow up the front automatically, or it can be sprayed onto them manually with a hose pipe. As the plants grow they cover the front of the collector, turning it into an indoor vertical garden.

The Gota Verde is only a prototype at the moment, but certainly works to change the way we look at rain collectors and indoor gardens. I imagine it’d be a huge hit among those with city apartments with only a small amount of balcony or kitchen space that want a little piece of greenery inside their homes.

Via Treehugger.

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