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Colorful SLR camera wraps


If you have an SLR camera it can be hard to find a case or wrap for it that isn’t dull and boring black, or maybe grey too if you’re lucky. However, a German designer who goes by the name of Chocmuf on craft site Dawanda has a whole online store called Pixbag dedicated to colorful and quirky camera wraps.

They’re all padded, so although they’re not guaranteed to prevent damage they’ll certainly add an extra layer of protection as well as looking good. Chocmuf makes the wraps in a range of different materials, from red and white polka dot cotton through to leather and some also have straps and extra storage space for lenses and batteries.

Available from Chocmuf’s Pixbag for around ¢49 – ¢55 (approx $70 – $79).

Via OhGizmo!.

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