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Cosmetic Mirror Lets You Try on Makeup Virtually

It’s not a magic mirror, but it’s still pretty cool. The Digital Cosmetic Mirror allows women to try on make up without having to go through the time consuming step of applying the makeup. Created by cosmetics company Shiseido, the interactive display allows users to check out new products using augmented reality.


Users simply stand in front of the computer’s camera and let it scan your face. The image is then loaded into the computer and it gives you a number of colors to try out. Users then select a color via touchscreen and the computer applies the makeup to the virtual image. If you like what you see, you can print out the photo and pick up your new cosmetics.

The Digital Cosmetic Mirror can apply eyeshadow and lipstick as well as recommend different products and makeup techniques. So far this is a Japan-exclusive but I would love to see this in my favorite cosmetic store in the near future,

Via Japan Trends

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