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Cross stitch case for the iPhone


There are hundreds of thousands of cases available for the latest iPhone handset, from the sparkly to the serious and the dull to the diamante. Even if you can’t find one that appeals to you, you can visit a website like Uncommon to upload a photo or even design one yourself. But what if you want to physically make a case for your phone?

Well, unless you’re a product designer or really good at manipulating plastics, then you’re probably not going to be able to make one from scratch, but Connect Design has come up with the Neostitch case range, a series of colored cases that you can actually stitch designs into.

Just like the traditional cloths used for cross stitching, the Neostitch cases have hundreds of tiny little holes in them for you to wind a range of different threads through. You can use the threads the cases come with to be as imaginative as you please, or visit the Connect Design website to get some handy hints and inspiration.

Available for $18 from Connect Design.

Via Technabob.

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