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Daihatsu: Are you Loco for this Cocoa?

Japanese car maker Daihatsu recently pulled back the curtain on its latest creation. Dubbed the Mira Cocoa, this cute mini-car is specifically being marketed to women. The type of woman being targeted according to the press release jargon are in pursuit of a “fun and laid-back” lifestyle.


The name Cocoa was chosen to reflect how the car gives passengers that warm and fuzzy feeling that occurs when drinking hot cocoa heaping with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel and chocolate (okay, I added the whipped cream, caramel, and chocolate, but it’s a great image right?). The design language for the Mira, includes catch phrases like “friendly modern” and “carefree”. With it’s rounded edges it’s definitely non-threatning, but I’m not sure if I would describe the thinly veiled attempt to have the headlights and turn signals resemble eyes all that “lovable”, but to each her own. The car’s interior is designed to resemble a “well-loved bag.” The Cocoa Plus features suede seats that has a deodorizing feature that keeps the car smelling fresh.

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