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Dell Adamo XPS: Waiting with Bated Breath

Dell Adamo is back and slimmer than ever if you can believe that. The latest iteration of the laptop whose name means “to fall in love with” is incredible 9.99 mm thick and will quite possibly be the slimmest laptop on the market — for now. Aside from that, little else is known about the Adamo XPS except that the starting price will be a whopping 00, that the little beauty is still made from aluminum and using the heat from your finger, the lid will automatically open.


I guess we’; have to continue drooling over the images until tomorrow when Dell finally launches the latest in the Adamo series. Although it seems almost obvious that the laptop will be running Windows 7, the steep price tag pretty much guarantees that this won’t be a mass market machine. Limited images and stats aside, what kind of features would a computer have to include to make you eager to fork over 00?

Via Engadget

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