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Don’t throw away those tapes yet, Ion Tape Express can convert them to MP3


Though the technology revolution can be unforgiving, some kind folks are ever considerate. Because thankfully, they are working to satisfy the needs of those of us who are somewhat fazed by the speed at which we have been forced to adapt to latest “trends”, but still cherish the memories connected with retro days and secretly wish we could have it all.

Well, as far as retrieving the music on your old cassette tapes goes, there is an option. Called the Ion Tape Express, it is simple and straight-forward. Put the cassette in, connect the device to your PC via the USB interface, and press “play”. Voil√†. The tunes are instantly converted to MP3 and can be taken into your iTunes library, your iPod or MP3 Player, burned onto CD, and virtually any other digital platform. And if you like to relive olden times, just listen to the music off the device which, by the way, also functions an ordinary walkman. You can power the device through USB, or with standard AA batteries. The Ion Tape Express is good to go with Mac, Windows XP and Vista operating systems and is available for pre-order at .

Via Retro To Go.

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