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Dotz cord organizers clear cable confusion with color and tact


We have all been there and suffered that – the asinine need to peer around devices, trying to identify and classify loops of anonymous cable so that we can get the required ones to perform. Along comes somebody who gives us this elegant solution with the cool mantra “The best ideas are always simple” and we cannot help but pinch ourselves for having forgotten. Ofcourse, the best ideas have to be simple and the Dotz Cord Identifiers are perfect proof. These colorful little plastic identifiers snap around your cables and carry a picture of the device that the cable belongs to. You can even reuse the same identifier with another device – just change the device icon within the case and you are ready to go. There are different categories of identifiers for your office, home, or even gaming needs. Is that brilliant or what.

Dotz also offers a couple of more solutions for cable organization, again pretty elegant and worth giving a try – the Cord Straps (set of 8 at .99) which help tie up cables in a neat bundle, and the Cord Wrap (.99 each) which can help hide all the unwanted lengths of cable within its case. The Cord Identifiers are available in sets of 10 at .99. Plus there are 24 ready-to-go punch out icons and 12 do-it-yourself punch out icons included with every kit.

Via The Gadgeteer.

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