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DRY-ALL kit saves your wet cell phone


If you depend on your phone for work or pleasure, I’m sure you’ll have had that awful sinking feeling before when you realise your phone has fallen off a table, you’ve accidentally thrown it into a road, or (arguably the worst) it’s landed into a lot of water. Assuming you can fish it out again, this leaves you with a wet phone which most probably won’t work anymore.

However, DRY-ALL has devised a “Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit” which is basically a bag that absorbs the water from the important insides of your device.

It sounds a little gimmicky and I don’t imagine you’ll carry it with you all the time just in case there are spills. However, if you really couldn’t live without your phone and you’re prone to accidents or have a mischievous toddler then it might be worth it.

Available from $29.99 from the Dry-All online store.

Via Ubergizmo.

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