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Dumbbell Alarm Clock Makes Exercise Like Clockwork

With American waistlines on a steady increase, it’s important that we use every spare second to fight the battle of the bulge. Fred & Friends, maker of fun and practical products has just what the doctor ordered with it’s latest creation, the SHAPE UP. This handy little gadget pulls double duty as an alarm clock and a free weight.


Simply set the alarm for your usual wake up time and catch a good night’s sleep. When it’s time to wake up, the alarm sounds, but unlike regular alarm clocks, you can’t shut it off with an uncoordinated, early morning button push. To turn off the alarm you have to do 30 reps with it.
That’s right, you actually have to exercise in order to turn off the racket.

SHAPE UP is as environmentally-friendly as it is health-conscious. The clock comes packaged in a clear recycable box. Perfect for a health buff or someone that needs a little gentle prodding to get to the gym, the SHAPE UP makes a great gift.

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