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+Eco Clima Control Weather Station


It seems intuitive that predicting the whims of Mother Nature’s should be environmentally friendly. The folks at Oregon Scientific have seen to that with their new solar-powered weather station from their +Eco collection.

The +ECO Clima Control monitors current outdoor and indoor temperatures and humidity and includes an atomically-controlled clock. It also features a graphical at-a-glance weather forecast. And, it’s all powered by the built-in solar panel which, when fully charged, will power the unit for up to three months. Includes a remote sensor and is capable of monitoring conditions in up to four separate locations inside or outside your home. Backlighting helps you see the easy-to-read display at night and a mold alarm helps you keep tabs on one of the less-than-welcome whims of Mama Earth.

The Clima Control lets you go green and stay on top of the forecast with ease. Now if only we could get one that controls the weather…

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