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EGF – The new wonder drug?


Peptides. Stem cells. Sea kelp. It seems like every month there’s a revolutionary new beauty invention/discovery that will turn back the clock. The latest is EGF (Epidermis Growth Factor, to you.)

What is it? According to the site, it’s a “human polypeptide that stimulates proliferation of epidermis & endothelial cells by cell division by protein composed of 53 amino acid within human body. This solution stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts that synthesizes collagen, the building block of dermis, to fightwrinkles, rejuvenate skin and heal scars effectively. ” Uh, huh. Put simply, EFG claims to stimulate new skin cell growth.

What we found fascinating was the preparation for the EGF solution:

1) Mix the frozen EGF powder with the toner solution
2) Spray on your forehead, cheeks, neck, and back of your hands
3) Pat your face gently with the backside of your hand to absorb into skin
4) Place hands over face for 1 minute for a deeper absorption
5) For best results, use twice a day
* It is recommended that the EFG Solution be used within seven days of preparation for maximum effect *

We spoke to Dr. Raj Chopra , a leading facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, about the new EFG
products in general.

Important factors in EGF skin care efficacy are product absorption and stability.
This emerging science can advance the future of skin care.

It’s not cheap at 0 for the complete set but heck, if it works it would be worth it. Only available at Eudora International

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