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Elekit tube amplifier is the most gorgeous sound equipment we ever set eyes on


Of all the gadgets that tempt and goad us into poetry (sometimes unintended) while we bring to you the fascinating world of personal electronics, the least we expected to jump into the category was an audio amplifier. But it has happened so, and we couldn’t help but be blown over. Completely.

The Elekit EK amplifier is a classic case of ugly-duckling-turns-awesome-swan in the history of amplifiers. It is a vacuum tube hybrid stereo amplifier designed by Koichi Futatsumata, and manufactured by Japanese audio equipment manufacturer Case Real, for the high-end audio electronics company Elekit. That a byproduct of the design motto to make an audio amplifier that would appeal to the younger generation. Sleek steel casing, hidden circuitry and mechanical parts, and all user interaction accomplished with just two aluminium dials sums up this great design. And the specs are overshadowed, if not completely outdone – output power of 10 + 10 Watts, sensitivity rating of 560mV (RCA jacks), 180mV (mini phone jack for your PMP), and 5Hz – 50kHz frequency response band.

Now for the sad news – not only is the sale of the Elekit EK amplifier “yet undecided”, but even otherwise you may be far too bank-unworthy to be considered.

Via CrunchGear.

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