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Eye recognition device for consumers


A clever new gadget called EyeLock, which uses iris recognition, could soon replace the need for passwords to log into our favourite apps and websites.

Simply plug the device into your computer and select which specific services and platforms you want to protect. The built-in scanner will then take a snapshot of your eye and use that picture to confirm who you are in the future.

This looks like a very simple and secure idea, but doesn’t it all seem a little over-the-top? Surely this kind of technology should only have a place in government buildings, bank vaults or the Bourne movies.

However, with the current focus on privacy concerns and numerous security breaches being reported by companies and individuals alike, I imagine it’s something many people will rush out to buy.

According to Cnet the EyeLock isn’t available yet but is set to be sold for around $99.

Via Cnet.

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