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Find True Love with an App

For those of us in the hunt for that special someone, being thorough is important, especially when it comes to dating. They say dating is supposed to be a fun experience, but for a lot of us, it’s an interview process where one wrong answer can send a potential Mr. or Ms. Right crashing and burning into the reject pile. Now there’s an app, to alleviate a little bit of the pressure.


The app is named iRateMyDate and its exactly what it sounds like, a way for daters to keep track of a date and track various qualities the user is looking for in a potential mate. According to the press release, the the iPhone-exclusive app’s goal is to answer the question “Is my date worth having my legs waxed” or “Was she worth missing the game?”

Developed by Yollswa, the app allows you to do side by side comparisons of potential mates, for those of us lucky enough to have that many candidates to choose from. You can choose up to 20 of must-have or important traits that “The One” should have and rate them. You can upload their photos, add their horoscope and take notes on the date, as well as schedule the next date — if there will actually be a next date.

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