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Fitbit Keeps You Honest About Fitness

On the road to fitness, making the initial decision is easy, putting in the actual work is the tricky part. If you’re looking for some statistical motivation you might want to check out the Fitbit.The device accurately tracks, calories burned, distance traveled, and even hours slept.


According to the website, Fitbit uses 3D motion sensor technology similar to the Nintendo Wii to track movement in three dimensions creating an accurate report on your daily exercise activities. The collected data is collected every time you walk by the wireless base included in the setup.

A little larger than a quarter, the Fitbit can be clipped to the waist of your pants, slipped into a wallet, or attached to the included wristband to record your every move. Retailing at , the Fitbit is a nifty device that can help kick your exercise regiment into the next gear.

Via Engadget

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