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Flatshare fridges are stackable like lego blocks


Where I come from, it is believed that a peek into the refrigerator always reveals a little bit of the owner’s personality. If you can discern personality types based on leftovers, that is. But seriously, for me, the fridge is one appliance where innovation is all welcome. Especially if it is so unique and promising as the cool stackable Flatshare Fridges designed by Stefan Buchberger, a student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

This design proposes clever solutions under three different categories – lessening the cold air that escapes from the fridge while it is open, storing different food groups under customized environments to save energy, and having stackable compartments for different people sharing the same fridge. That’s accomplished with style by the Flatshare as each fridge brick (resembling a Lego block) is much smaller than a traditional fridge, thus not only requiring lesser input energy to cool but also allowing lesser cold air to escape each time you open the door. And the bricks are stackable, meaning different compartments can be assembled (each fridge can hold up to 4 stackable compartments) and allocated to different people, say room-mates, making food storage personal and hassle free.

Best of all? This is perhaps the most good-looking and efficient fridge you can ever lay your hands on. If ever, as the Flatshare fridges are not available to us hungry masses yet.

Toxel, via Inhabitat.

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