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Flipboard: Beauty of Print, Power of Web, for iPad


I am obsessed with my iPad. Along with my iPhone and a myriad of apps, I am able to read books, magazines, and newspapers in the dark, while trying to get my baby to sleep. But I love books, I love magazines, love newspapers, I love PAGES. I love to hear and feel the pages flip. Sometimes I like to idly just look at pictures and skim when I’m tired. Flipboard, an iPad app, realizes this about many readers and has pretty succesfully re-created the experience of reading a print magazine. Right now, Flipboard has eight premium partners, including Bon Appetit magazine, ABC News, and the Washington Post Magazine. There are also Flipboard “channels” like FlipStyle (fashion), FlipTech, and FlipPhotos, which has curated content. Best of all, you can add your own Twitter and Facebook accounts for a totally personalized “channel” which is presented like a page of a glossy magazine. Instead of just publishing your feed, the app finds the most visually compelling content (photos, shared YouTube videos, content from some of your Facebook “likes”) and presents it like an art director designed the page.

The flipping of pages isn’t new, all e-readers let you flip pages, but it’s particularly satisfying with Flipboard, because you feel like you’re reading a magazine only with just your favorite parts of the magazine since it’s all content you’ve chosen. It’s beautifully executed, and incredibly easy to use. Many of the magazine apps out there actually start with several pages of instructions on how to scroll. No need here- you flip like it’s a real magazine. Oh and video content which is so often stopped cold on an iPad because of that whole no Flash thing? HTML 5 allows Flipboard to play videos right from the application- you don’t have to leave the app.

Another funny bonus? Sometimes a Twitter or Facebook headline page, depending on the sort of feeds you follow, can look an awful lot like a page out of The Onion:


Free from iTunes, for the iPad only. Learn more at Flipboard.

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