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From Table to Speakerbox: K-Box Transforms Any Surface into a Speaker

Speakers with all their wires and complicated set-up instructions may go the way of the dinosaurs if multimedia company Kerchoonz has its way. The Scottish company recently went to market with the K-Box. About the size of a standard cell phone, the unassuming black and purple device can turn any flat surface including tables or windows into a speaker.


Using a patented “Gel Audio” Technology, the K-Box passes sound through the surface making it resonate producing some impressive bass. It has speakers to produce mid and high range frequencies. With a standard 3.5mm audio jack you can simply plug it in to your laptop, iPod, phone or gaming system and get some amazing sound.

Retailing at .99 plus shipping and handling, the K-Box has approximately 20-hours of battery life and can be recharged via a USB cable.

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