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Frost solar-powered air-conditioner makes your electricity bills lighter


Isn’t it a smart idea that you make use of the scorching sun itself to keep you cool during harsh summers? Why not. And it just seems so perfectly logical, I wonder why solar-powered air-conditioners haven’t made themselves loud enough (not literally) to be heard by folks like us who spend shameful amounts on our electricity bills all summer.

The Frost is a concept solar-powered air-conditioner designed by industrial designer Philip Stankard that uses stored solar energy to power its fans, and refrigerator freezer energy to provide a source of low temperature for the fans’ breeze to circulate into your home. While the unit itself soaks up the sun and converts that into power to operate the fans, there is a removable freezer pack that you can put into the refrigerator’s freezer unit for soaking up the ice. All you then need to do is switch on the unit and insert the freezer pack to get some cold wintry breeze.

Apparently it’s not only a breeze on your electricity bill, but also an air-conditioner that looks swell. As there aren’t more details available yet, one would assume that since this device doesn’t seem to have the luxury of temperature regulation, it would perhaps be more appropriate to term it an air-cooler. Which still doesn’t take anything away from how cool a concept this is. This time, literally.

Via Ecofriend.

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