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GE throws a peek at VScan, the ultra-futuristic portable ultrasound


How do we say wow in a million different languages? Well, we won’t attempt that humongous task but instead spend some precious time staring at this little gem from GE – VScan – the portable clamshell ultrasound machine unveiled at the Web 2.0 summit by the big horse himself, General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt.

The VScan is so small that had we caught sight of it on TV, we would give it the same seriousness as we do Teleportation today. But it is real, and functional – the little gadget is aimed at doctors who could use it locally to generate quick scans, rather than burden their patients with the waiting period required to get a scan from a ultrasound specialist’s office. Immelt indicated that the device will be “very digitally capable” with the ability to save images, but without the Wi-Fi connectivity required to wirelessly transmit ultrasound images. The VScan will be available next year, and you bet we are keeping our eyes & ears open for any sign.

Via Pocket-lint.

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