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GG2G Foleo laptop sleeve is green and one-of-a-kind


Recently this famous television journalist caught my attention when he said “Aren’t the best things in life always custom made?”. And drool I did when he was pampered by the best fashion designers, accessory-makers, perfumeries, and even chefs when each of their products were made specially for this gentleman to be the only one of their kind in the world!

Well, since some of us are neither so affluent nor famous, we should perhaps settle for smaller assets – like this GG2G Foleo laptop sleeve, which promises to be so unique that once you purchase one, it is replaced by another that is completely different in design, so nobody else can ever own the same bag. There is more to be happy about – each of these bags is made from recycled highway billboards and lined with recycled fabric. The outer casing is made from “re-vinylzed” water-repellent material which imparts a stylish, shiny look. Plus, there is a handle on the side and an inner pocket to hold your thumb drive.

Currently, there are four different styles on the site for you to choose from, each costing . And oh, I was wondering too – GG2G stands for “Green Goods 2 Give & 2 Get”. Nice.

Via Gearlog.

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