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Go Girl can pull you through emergencies in pink elegance


While I am quite unsure of how many women amongst us would really look forward to prospect of peeing standing up, a “female urination device” (FUD) can sometimes be a saving grace when one is faced with hostile bathroom environments (herd-in the long queues, and unhygienic public toilets) or the lack of one altogether. And into this category, butts-in (pun unintended) a washable reusable FUD called the GoGirl.

The GoGirl is made of flexible, medical-grade silicone and comes with its own underwear (optional) to help you take perfect aim during those absolute emergencies. Need we say more? Only that we just gotta give it to their punch line. Don’t take life sitting down.

You betcha. A single pack (one GoGirl, tissue and biodegradable bag) costs .99 while a pack of 3 costs .99.

Via ChipChick.

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