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Grammy Gear

Bobby Brown

The best part of the KISS-FM Grammy suite, besides all the free gear of course, it the scruffy musicians wandering around, totally unfamiliar with the award show gifting concept. Hoobastank picked up some scented gold and silver nail polish by Tuff Scent, while Brad Arnold (3 Doors Down) admired the Haute House PR line of Code -SC suncare products with names like “I Always Wear Protection.” We can’t wait to try their men’s moisturizer, “Distinguished, My Ass.”

Techies (like us) marveled at the Case-Mate “Make My Case” line which allows users to create their own original composition by re-mixing the designs of graphic artists, including Joshua Davis, Deanne Cheuk, Thomas Hooper and more, while beauty junkies (still us), loaded up on shampoo and conditioner with “diamond dust” (by Alfaparf Milano.)

Our favorite awards show jewelry line was there, Fierce, which designs sparklies perfect for catching the camera. Privacy showcased their new t-shirt line, which benefits go breast cancer charities.

Red Light PR demonstrated the EQ Love band which uses in-built eight encoded frequencies to help find better harmony and balance in the world around us. Athletes already use them so we’ll give it a try.

Taylor Momsen , without her band Pretty Reckless, (also known as “Jenny” on Gossip Girl) performed a few acoustic numbers but didn’t stick around long enough to get “gifted.” Poor girl, but we suppose she has enough free stuff.

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